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Life After Law’s Guide to Remote Recruitment & Remote Onboarding

We are hearing it in the news daily – the economy is starting to open in various stages.   Many of our clients are reaching out to us for advice on how and when to start a new search.  Read the full post

Is law school worth it? Non-practising lawyers say yes

If you are a practicing lawyer and have ever considered a job outside of traditional legal pursuits this is a great article to read. Various experts such as Randi Bean, president of, and other non-practicing lawyers provide a unique perspective and make a great case as to why studying, articling and practicing law offer highly transferrable skills to other industries. Read the full article at the Financial Post.

Pourquoi faire appel à un recruteur?

Life After Law's recruitment expertise recognized with Acquisition International 2013 Legal Award

PRESS RELEASE - National recruitment firm Life After Law launches in Quebec, La vie après le droit…, 2013 – in French only

Lexpert, Weighing the options: practising law or the 'alternatives', 2011

Canadian Bar Association, Career Alternatives for Lawyers, 2009

Inside Toronto, Challenging the Traditional Model, 2007

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