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Job Title: Corporate Transactional Services Lead Lawywer/Mid-Level Corporate Lawyer(Ottawa) ( ID: O2242 )
Career Category: Corporate - General, Law Firm, Legal Counsel, Transactions
Posted Date: 2015-10-26
Location: Downtown Toronto or Ottawa
Exciting Opportunity for a Mid-Level Corporate Transactional Lawyer (5-7 years) looking for a change and challenge.

Are you an experienced corporate transactional lawyer but no longer wish to practice law in the traditional sense? Do you still want to work with a leading law firm but in a different and challenging capacity then you currently are?

Then this is the role for you!

This is truly an exciting opportunity for a mid-level corporate law associate (who understands and enjoys the process, procedures and logistics involved in corporate transactions), to draw on their legal experience related specifically to corporate transactions, closings and due diligence in a non-traditional, managerial and advisory capacity.


Our client, a top tier business law firm, is looking to add a Group Lead to its National Corporate Department, to be accountable for a team of junior lawyers and paralegals, responsible for corporate transactional oversight and Implementation, with a specific focus on due diligence, closings and standard corporate services work.

Ensuring efficiencies within the transactional process and the logistics of the deal, you will be integral to the corporate team by refining and managing the procedural aspects behind each transaction.

As the Manager of a team focused on supporting the Corporate Law department in its executions of transactions and document production, the successful candidate will work closely with the Corporate Group and the Chair of the Department to oversee a team dedicated to deal support.
Leading this support team (comprised of lawyers and paralegals), you will be responsible for the oversight and document quality control for the firm’s corporate transactions as well for the administration of process implementation and the execution of transactional services for the firm’s Corporate Group. The objective of the team and its dedicated lead being, to ensure the transactional process and logistics of the transaction are in place such that all corporate transactions are executed as efficiently and expeditiously as possible.


Working closely with the Practice Chair and the members of the Corporate Group, you will ensure efficacy and efficiency in the firm’s corporate transaction execution and related document production by providing management, strategic, and practical advice to the group and firm clients in the execution of the transaction at hand, from due diligence to closing.

This requires being involved closely with each member of the Group, each transaction that comes through the door and being involved in the procedural aspects from inception to completion. Furthermore, it requires a deep understanding of the process of a transaction in general and its key components, namely due diligence and closings, to ensure successful execution and completion of the transaction.

Duties will include:
- Participating in meetings with the client and deal team to determine the scope of the project.
- Providing strategic and practical advice to the firm, lawyer and its clients regarding how routine corporate transactions should be conducted to ensure efficient service delivery.
- Designing, implementing and monitoring workflow and processes.
- Oversight and management of due diligence for the matter.
- Project management of due diligence work including: initial scoping, assembling the team, planning and managing the work, negotiating the request list, reporting issues to the team.
- Drafting diligence reports

General Corporate Work:

- Providing strategic and practice advice to the firm and its clients regarding how routine aspects of corporate transactions should be conducted to ensure it is done as efficiently as possible.
- Supervising and managing all work performed by members of the corporate group, including all diligence and closings work.

Managerial Responsibilities:

- Providing strategic and practice advice to firm members and clients with regard to the set up and ongoing operations.
- Engagement of business law lawyers to utilize the proper processes for routine corporate transactions work.
- Mentoring, guiding and delegating to the Group’s staff lawyers and paraprofessionals.



You are the ideal candidate if you have:
- 5+ years of corporate law experience gained at a leading Canadian law firm
- Legal expertise and significant demonstrable experience with corporate transactions, closings and due diligence, related terminology, forms and documents as they related to corporate law and corporate transactions.
- Leadership and strong project management skills.
- The ability to manage and mentor others in order to complete assignments within specified time periods and parameters.
- Financial acumen – including the ability to prepare and review budgets and billable hours reports as well as cost benefit analysis regarding potential work process enhancements.
- Advanced oral and written communications sills to deal with internal and external contacts, preparing legal and non-legal documents as well as interpersonal skills to handle sensitive issues.
- Ability to resolve issues effectively including knowing when to convert with others in problem resolution.
- Critical thinking to identify strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.
- Research writing and analytical skills necessary to research initiatives, complete projects, analyze reports, etc.
- Work cooperatively with as well as, lead a team.
- Think strategically and identify new opportunities
- Prioritize organize and delegate work
- Effectively manage multiple tasks with conflicting deadlines
- Handle and protect confidential material



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