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Life After Law is committed to our candidates. We understand and respect the substantial investment one makes in pursuing a law career. We provide career transitioning lawyers with the resources and assistance necessary to achieve success in their new jobs and careers. It is our goal to ensure that all your career moves are strategic and contribute to your growth and career development whether in private practice, in-house counsel, quasi-legal or otherwise.

If you are looking to move to another firm, our Candidate Advocacy services allow us to capitalize on our existing law firm relationships, to ensure your profile will get strategically presented to the right firms, to maximize fit.


Wondering what to do with a law degree?

So, you have a law degree and have decided that you don't necessarily want to stay in private practice anymore.... Wondering about your options? Through Life After Law’s Recruitment Services, you will gain exposure to a vast array of jobs and careers in a myriad of industries. We offer a wide range of in-house counsel, as well as quasi-legal and non-traditional career alternatives for lawyers. You will have access to jobs that are sourced from organizations that understand and appreciate the inherent value of hiring a lawyer in their organization. We also assist this transition by helping lawyers to recognize and focus on their transferable skills and adapting their job search approach accordingly.

Life After Law is unique in Canada in offering specialized Career consulting to the legal community. Provided exclusively by former practising lawyers, with personal experience of the career transition process, our approach is to empower legal professionals to assess and evaluate their personal and career goals. We guide lawyers as they develop a strategy to integrate their goals to achieve career satisfaction.

Life After Law realizes that the acquisition of a law degree and the subsequent practice of law required a significant investment of time, energy and expense. Life After Law is now able to provide other ways for that substantial investment to pay off.

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How we operate

At Life After Law, we keep current on career trends and we are always looking to develop relationships with new clients in new industries, and regularly pursue those that are most interesting to our candidates.

Life After Law will advertise all available jobs right here on our web site as well as in other strategic publications. When you see a job that’s interesting, all you have to do is submit an application. We will review all candidate applications and gladly provide feedback or recommend a consulting session if required. You only have to submit your information once. If there is no current job of interest, submit a general application indicating your areas of interest and experience, and you will be notified of all relevant opportunities that arise. When new postings become available, our first action is to search our database of registered candidates. If you are a potential match, we will contact you for further discussions. If we feel that you would be a good fit, we will set up an interview with you. Following the meeting, if you are interested in proceeding, and if we feel that you would be a good fit for our client, we will forward your details to our client. We will help schedule interviews, and assist with offers, and compensation negotiations. Of course, we are here to answer questions, and provide any assistance needed throughout the process.

Confidentiality is of prime importance at Life After Law. Your resume is never distributed without your express consent. We will ask you to provide us with a brief written consent every time we submit your resume to a client.


Life After Law's placement services are paid for by the hiring client. Candidates pay no fee for a placement in a new career.

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Career Consulting

Life After Law can help you assess the direction of your career, identify causes of career dissatisfaction or concern, and counsel you on effective methods of addressing these challenges. We provide a step-by-step comprehensive career assessment through our one-on-one counseling sessions.  

By helping you recognize and focus on your strengths, presenting a vast range of career options, and encouraging an active role in your own career development, Life After Law  will help you to establish career objectives and assist you in the development of a detailed career action plan with concrete goals and objectives.

To get yourself ready to begin your new career search, you will more than likely need to do some revamping of your search approach and your marketing strategy.  We will help to improve your marketability by providing consultation in resume enhancement, interview skills refinement, professional skills development, and effective networking.

You have more skills than you think…
Are you concerned that you might not be able to make a transition because you don’t have the right skills or experience?  Well, you have more skills than you think. Every day that you have been practising law, or studying law, you have been gaining crucial experience and developing highly valuable skills. Life After Law can help you to identify these skills and translate them into something marketable. 

All candidates that utilize our Career Consulting services are automatically eligible for our recruitment services and will be considered for any suitable positions.

Career Consulting Fees

Our candidates are billed at Life After Law's competitive hourly rate. Student discounts are available.


Quasi-Legal and Non-Traditional Careers for Lawyers

  Account Executive
Business Affairs
Business Analyst
Business Development
Buyer / Procurement Analyst
Career Counsellor
Compliance Officer
Conference Developer
Consumer Advocate
Continuing Legal Education
Contracts Administrator
Corporate Communications
Director of Career Services
Ethics Officer
Employee Relations
Executive Director-Not For Profit
Executive Producer
HR Management
Immigration Consultant
In-House Counsel

Intellectual Property Manager
Labour Relations Manager
Lease Administration
Legal Correspondent
Legal Technology Consultant
Management Consultant
Marketing/Sales Rep
Pension Consultant
Policy Analyst / Developer
Professor / Instructor
Project Manager
Promotions / PR
Property Developer
Public Affairs
Regulatory Affairs
Risk Management
Seminar Leader
Tax Manager
Training & Development


Transferable Skills

  Ability to work independently
Analytical thinking
Attention to detail
Awareness of risk or liability
Conflict Resolution
Consensus building
Decision making
Dissemination of information
Fact analysis
Identification of issues
Interpersonal skills
Interpretation of documents

Organizational skills
Presentation skills
Problem Solving
Project Management
Public Speaking
Stress Management
Synthesis of information
Time Management










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Welcome to Life After Law. Here is where your career transition begins. 

There are two ways to go about submitting your resume with Life After Law; either in relation to a specific advertised position, or as a general application.

We value our candidates and their privacy and assure you that your resume and potential interest in our innovative opportunities will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

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