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Why Use Life After Law?

box1_imageAs the first recruitment firm of its kind, at Life After Law, we have become experts on assessing fit for potential candidates, whether in industry or private practice. Life After Law directly sources and uncovers top candidates. We do not wait passively for candidates to approach us. We consider the needs of our clients, and handpick and actively seek out, the ideal candidates to fill those needs.

Exceptional Talent

Our candidates come from a wide variety of backgrounds, in private practice and industry, with the commonality of a desire to make a career change. Life After Law will introduce you to our exclusive pool of highly skilled and previously untapped talent.


By hiring a Life After Law lawyer for your next position, you will be getting an exceptional individual who is highly educated, skilled, and trained. With a Life After Law candidate you can be assured of professionalism, integrity, intelligence and a deep commitment to career development. Combining those qualities with other skills and experience gained in the study or practice of law, and you are securing an extremely marketable and valuable asset to your organization- whether as in-house counsel, in a quasi-legal, executive, or private practice role.

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Why Use a Recruiter At All?

Save Time and Uncover Hidden Talent

Because of confidentiality concerns, and busy schedules many professionals are much more likely to apply for a position through an intermediary than directly to the employer. By contracting your search with Life After Law, you will gain exposure to a much wider range of candidates in significantly less time than by independent recruitment efforts. You will have access to “quiet” candidates that you wouldn’t otherwise find. Our process allows us to quickly screen a much higher number of resumes than you would wish to review, and narrow the pool to a few superior candidates.

Life After Law will save you from the time-consuming and not always successful process of recruiting and hiring employees. When you hire Life After Law we do the work for you. We find the candidates, prescreen them and only provide you with the best and most well suited-candidates to meet your specific hiring needs.
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The Perfect Fit

At Life After Law we recognize that every organization is unique and make a point of understanding your organization's exact requirements and expectations. We review all applications and interview all suitable candidates. Each potential candidate is evaluated for critical skills, qualifications and experience as well as assessed for their compatibility with your organization's philosophy and culture. The right fit is essential. You will only be introduced to the best, most suitable candidates. Life After Law is committed to ensuring that the right candidate is placed with the right organization.

Executive Roles: Why Lawyers?

A law degree provides an individual with critical skills transferable to a myriad of different professions. Many lawyers engage in private practice for several years only to seek out new ways to utilize their skills in different and challenging ways. The misconception surrounding lawyers seeking ‘non-traditional’ career paths is that they do not have a defined skill set to apply outside of a law firm environment or that they will cost too much. In our experience, we have found that lawyers excel in opportunities beyond the law firm setting. Lawyers in non-traditional positions add value to organizations by drawing on their existing skills and applying those in novel ways. With their critical thinking, acute ability for analysis, and excellent research and writing, we find that lawyers fit quite well into a vast array of positions across a variety of industries. Furthermore, our candidates who have made the transition report extreme satisfaction and find the challenge of alternative career paths quite rewarding.

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The Process

How We Operate

Receive information about the position at your organization
Execute our “1 pager” agreement outlining our terms
Prepare client specific recruitment plan
Source candidates – database search + advertise + direct sourcing
Screen resumes and interview all potential candidates
Present candidate shortlist with interview notes to client
Schedule client/candidate interviews
Assist with candidate selection decision, acceptance of employment offer and negotiation of compensation
Assist with reference checks if desired


Life After Law's recruitment services are fully contingent; you only pay us, when you hire our superior candidate!

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